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Home Remodel company Speard Construction may be a dream fulfilled by founder and award-winning designer In Georgia. The Speard Construction team offers complete Home remodeling and residential Improvement services from concept to completion, serving as a one-stop resource for homeowners. We artfully create refined the designs for classy environments that combine a day functionality and practicality of construction. Speard Construction was created to satisfy the necessity for high quality concrete construction at the simplest price.

We consider working with clients from many different sectors and industries, and believe that today's market is customer focused - therefore our business model is customer-centric based. We believe the new world of manufacturing is strategic. Speard Construction has positioned itself to outperform our competitors, we are proactive and therefore the pace of production requires nimble action from front -line decision makers.

We are dedicated to providing customized service and professional solutions while supporting our core values, "Quality, Price & Delivery."

Our success is defined by how briskly and effectively we will exceed your expectations in delivering superior quality, service and price! Our clients love our versatility — our ability to figure during a sort of styles and locals. Whether you are furnishing a quaint beach cottage or doing extensive design work for a custom-built home we are here to help you achieve your personal vision. One that reflects your identity, beautifully.

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Design Build Outfit

Planners/Programmers Defines:

  • Requirements
  • Objectives & Constraints related to cost, scope, schedule
  • Enforces legal/regulatory standards/quality

Technical Experts Executes:

  • Technical Solutions
  • Current Technology
  • Controls costs, schedule & Scope
  • Inter-Discipline Coordination

Operators/Maintainers Informs:

  • Patient Considerations
  • Operational, mission Constraints & objectives
  • Maintenance Considerations

Execution Experts:

  • Skilled trades
  • Product availability
  • Procurement lead times
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Testing Certifications training warranty

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Service Area

  • Eastdale Mobile Home Park, GA
  • Milstead, GA
  • Lakeview Estates, GA
  • Lake Capri, GA
  • Hi Roc Shores, GA
  • Fountain Hill, GA
  • Honey Creek, GA
  • Collinsville, GA
  • Orleans, GA
  • Fieldstone, GA
  • Horseshoe Springs, GA
  • Velta, GA
  • Salem Place, GA
  • Salem Cove, GA
  • Salem Village, GA
  • Blossom, GA
  • Plum Orchard, GA
  • Atlanta, GA

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all construction sites open for visitors, with 24/7 video surveillance being conducted at all objects

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Speard Construction have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering the projects

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you can be 100% sure that Speard Construction company will be able to deliver right on time, within the set budget limits

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Speard Construction company allows all aspects of the operations being transparent and clear for clients and partners

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Whether designing a home or a business, a contractor needs to be able to tap into and understand a client’s needs and wants in order to create a beautiful yet functional space. We don’t just enhance the look of a space, we also enhance the function of it.